a set of technologies to provide your staff with mobile maps for use in the field and on expeditions.

Mobile maps - easy!

eLiteMap Creator + eLiteMap Technology

Open eLiteMap Creator and upload your ready-made QGIS projects or
geotagged GeoTIFF raster images

Specify search settings, export area and map protection options and click "Export"

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Download the output map file to mobile device and open it
in eLiteMap app

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Main technology benefits

Fast creation of mobile maps from cartographic projects created in professional GIS preserving native symbology.

Offline work with maps to solve a wide range of tasks in compliance with controlled access.

Free mobile application for navigation, track recording, collection and exchange of geodata with photo and video attachments.

Create mobile interactive maps in cmf2 format from geodata in eLiteMap Creator desktop application.

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Work with mobile interactive map in the free and user-friendly eLiteMap application.

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Create mobile maps for corporate needs using eLiteMap Creator for CoGIS, a module for CoGIS platform.

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Use cases

Using app tools for data mapping, measuring distance and area, attaching files to features.

Using digital map to collect and store digital documentation for equipment.

Carrying out inventory and audit of the production facilities condition.

Ensuring interaction with personnel: incident management, notification in case of danger, distribution of tasks to line teams.

Scientific research of features, collecting information and combining it into a single project, followed by data analysis and formulation of scientific conclusions.

Use areas

 monitoring equipment condition and notifying employees about incidents and accidents.

accounting and rational use of resources, planning of economic activities.

transfer of data to field workers in a convenient and understandable form, inspection of power transmission poles, elimination of accidents, etc.

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